The backbone of the Collaborative is its volunteers. Since March, volunteers have shown up every week to load, transport and unload deliveries, pack bags, break down cardboard, deliver food to families, break down our set up and clean up the church so that everything is ready for another week.

Without our volunteers, none of this would be possible.

It has been quite the journey through blustery, cold, rainy days last spring, to excruciatingly hot, humid days this summer. As we continue into the frigid Wisconsin winter months, we need to make sure that we can provide food to our families in a safe environment, which means limiting indoor exposure.


We know that this will impact a lot of our volunteers who supported our prep days and bag packing, but we want you to stay healthy. We will let you know when it is safe again to volunteer. We also welcome hearing creative ideas from you to support volunteering from home. If you are interested or have an idea, let us know! Stay safe. Stay strong.

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign up through the United Way Volunteer Website. After you sign up through the link, our site manager will email a doodle poll to all potential volunteers for the volunteer opportunities the following week. The doodle poll allows you to choose a time slot in which to volunteer.

Volunteer delivery drivers should arrive at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Madison’s near west side during the chosen time slot. All drivers should wear masks and remain in their vehicles while groceries are loaded.

Volunteer Opportunities and Times

[CURRENTLY ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] Tuesday – 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM (Prepping Bags for Friday Delivery)

[CURRENTLY ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]Friday – 9:00 AM to Noon (Packing Grocery Bags for Delivery Drivers) (various time slots)

Friday – 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM (Grocery Delivery) (various time slots)

Friday Grocery Delivery requires drivers to deliver food to families’ doorsteps. Drivers must be comfortable with carrying moderately heavy bags and boxes. Delivery routes vary in size and length, but usually take at least an hour and up to an hour and a half.